County Executive Members from Kenya Counties hold annual Conference

The County Executives Conference has been an important pillar of the Annual Devolution Conference as it acts as a precursor thus its resolutions forms part of the discussions during the Conference.

As the framers of the Kenya 2010 Constitution its a requirement for  the County Executive Committee to manage and coordinate functions of County administration,hence the annual conference to evaluate the realization of this constitutional provision.

The conference under the theme “Deliver. Transform. Measure”. the Vice Chairperson of Council of Governors Kirinyaga County Governor Madam Anne Waiguru while officiating the 3 days conference at the Kenya curriculum  Development Institute,Nairobi said that It will be important for Counties to openly share how far they are with the implementation of the Big 4 Agenda especially on issues of sustainable funding, the mode of engagement between the two levels of Government and their roles among others.

“The Conference will adopt the sector based approach in: Trade and the Blue Economy; Urban Development and Housing; Agriculture; and Health.”Said Gov.Anne Waiguru.

Gov. Waiguru added that”These sectors are anchored under the Government’s Big 4 Agenda whose key focus is to ensure food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and affordable healthcare. Since these are devolved functions, it is therefore important that County Governments align themselves accordingly to ensure that we not only achieve the Agenda but also ensure that Counties deliver on their Constitutional mandate”.

She also emphasized that in the Spirit of collaboration and consultation as envisaged in Article 6(2) of the Constitution, County Governments should strive to work together as teamwork is the secrete that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

The devolution conference is used as a platform to share with all devolution stakeholders and the public the success and challenges that have faced devolution since its inception. It also provides an opportunity to recommend innovative ways of improving service delivery. This is therefore to inform you that the next Annual Devolution Conference will be held in March 2019 in Kirinyaga County.

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