Are Kenya’s Young Population Claiming Stake on Electoral Process

When not lamenting on social media platforms on electoral issues, Kenya’s youthful populace are the most skeptical lot according to many opinion polls conducted on the recent past on issues elections.

As it has been among many developing countries the youthful population forms more than 60% of active participants on any plebiscite. Kenya being among the developing nations with very large and active population, the Youth have always and will always be the greater pillars to any election.

After Kenya’s last election many barbs rightfully or wrongly were aimed at the Independent Electoral Body IEBC, hence herculean task that was placed on the electons body to reform and gain public trust.

As a result of the Four commissioners who resigned Three years ago, Kenyans held sigh of relief when the positions were eventually declared vacant and applications opened, when dust had settled and applications were made public, among the finalist who were shortlisted there is a good number of candidates who’ve been interviewed so far are youthful.

In a country that has a very active, agile and exposed youthful population, the youthful candidates who have been interviewed so far have shown courage and passion to make amends to what Kenya youth have been addressing through social media platforms on making elections better managed in Kenya.


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