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The two-day Namaskar Africa forum and exhibition, kicks off in Nairobi with focus on Medical tourism

Nairobi 11/3/19 Nairobi will host a regional business meeting organized with support of the Chambers of Commerce in Kenya and India with support of the respective governments

Namaskar Africa is a flagship initiative of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCC) and the government of India with the objective of promoting India’s economic cooperation with the regional blocks of African countries.

The Namaskar event rotates in different sub-regions of Africa, to date the event has been successfully held in Mozambique for SADC block, in Nigeria for ECOWAS block and in Kenya for EAC Block, and Republic Du Congo for Eastern region Block.

According to the organizers “India has a long-standing relationship with the region. The exports and investments into this sub-region are picking up, and this initiative aims to enhance and diversify Indian industries engagement in this region.

Among notable exhibitors is the Ruby Hall Clinic, a World-Class healthcare facility, which in its Vision aims to become the premier Healthcare destination for high-end technology and medical expertise, blend with compassionate and personalized care.

The facility which is known as in India as Rupa Raul Bajaj is a center of excellence in robotic surgery, where precision meets perfection. This facility boost of 50 Years’ experience in provision of healthcare.

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