Kenya’s KIBOS Sugar and Allied Industries Embrace Eco Friendly Sugarcane Refining

By Thomas Ochieng 24/11/21 Leading Sugarcane refining firm in the East Africa region known for its Industrial sugar production through its Modern TCD Greenfield Sugar Factory which was launched in 2007, with milling capacity of 480,000 tonnes sugarcane per year, is implementing 100% sugarcane processing.

Speaking during the 4th Kenya manufacturing Summit and Expo 2021 also known as Changamka shopping festival, Chatthe Goup which owns Kibos Sugar Director Ms Jasveen Chatthe says the firm utilizes sugarcane 100%.

“Kibos production is ecofriendly which means every by product from sugar cane is utilized to produce other products from molasses which is used to produce ethanol which is the source of quick drying non-sticky formula liquid sanitizer packaged in convenient spray and flip top caps” said Ms Jasveen

Director Jasveen also added that the company also produces 100% environmentally friendly sugarcane fibre paper “excess bagasse from sugarcane a renewable industrial waste is used by Kibos to produce environmentally friendlier papers which helps in conservation of trees” says Chatthe.

Changamka festival is an annual event where manufactures engage with consumers directly thus transforming industrialization in Kenya by offering a platform to showcase the diversity of locally manufactured goods and services.


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