Women in Kenya Launch a Campaign dubbed ‘Elect a Dada’

Under the stewardship of Federation International De Abogadas FIDA, Kenyan women gearing up for the 2022 elections have vowed to support each other during elections.

As the country moves closer to the 2022 general elections, women in Kenya who are going for elective seats have decided to galvanize and mobilize their strengths and aspirations toward achieving a goal that is geared toward attainment of the 2/3 gender rule.

Women for the longest time have decried being discriminated against especially in key leadership positions that resulted in a vast of their issues being less represented or even not seeing the light of day. Most of the participant at the forum stressed the importance of setting up measures that will mitigate against electoral-related Gender-Based Violence, a situation that has had an adverse impact on women.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign the Chief Guest,who is the Chairperson of NARC Party and also the Former Constitutional Affairs and Member of Parliament for Gichugu constituency Hon.Martha Karua urged women to fully participate in their respective political parties activities from the grassroots “Women should not wait to be given nominations by parties as favors, rather they should as a right earn the seats through actively campaigning for their respective seats” Said Hon.Karua

These sentiments were supported by Fida Kenya Chairperson Nancy Ikuni who said the push for Vote a Dada had been bolstered by the realization of how important women’s participation in decision makings at all levels.

Kenya has been unable to achieve the 2/3 gender rule which has been inscribed in the constitution, with a recent advisory opinion by the Former Chief Justice of the republic of Kenya Hon.David Maraga to the President to dissolve Parliament due to the gender rule issue, this ‘Vote a Dada‘ can be the beginning of the realization of the 2/3 elusive gender rule in Kenya.

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