The First Social Protection Conference, Begins in Kenya

In the pursuit of universally accepted health and social protection for its citizenry, the National and County governments in Kenya, have accelerated efforts towards this objective.

Meeting in Nairobi during the Social Protection Conference, under the theme ‘Scaling Up Investment in Social Protection ‘Kenya government officials, Heads of Statutory bodies, Donors and Academia, have come up to brainstorm the challenges facing social protection in Kenya and also to be the case study of cash transfer model in Africa.

Speaking during the Opening of the conference the Kenya Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Sevices Amb.Ukur Yatani underscored the importance of the social protection in the overall objectives of the Kenya Government.

“The week-long conference is aimed at coming up with practical solutions on up scaling social protection among the elderly and people living with disability in Kenya’’ He said

While echoing Cabinet Secretary Sentiments the Principal Secretary reaffirmed the commitments the country and the government have to make the social protection model of cash transfer sustainable in the long run.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Conference Dr Fabio Veras Soares Senior Researcher International Policy Centre for Inclusive growth UNDP, Urged countries in Africa to develop clear laws and regulations that will make it easier for donor support and assistance in the social protection MDG goals.

The participants attending this inaugural Social Protection conference will have to grapple with sorry state of statistics on Social Protection in Africa which stands at only 17.8%, with no available Data on Social Protection among people living with disability according to the International Labor Organization ILO.

The Weeklong conference will also have to grapple with the issues of poor governance, political deceits, Donor fatigue and outright making poor the African people either by default or by design, this were the words of Mr.Brian Kagoro the Chairman of GreenPeace.



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