Manufacturers, energy stakeholders converge to promote Kenya’s green economy

Kenya Association of manufacturers (KAM) brings together all stakeholders in the energy sector with the aim of promoting Kenya’s green economy.

The forum, themed Captive Energy Mix: The Future of Industrial Energy, looked at sustainable energy options and explored ways of financing manufacturers’ initiatives towards a green economy.

The Secretary, Renewable Energy Directorate in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Eng. Isaac Kiva noted that the government is keen on creating an enabling environment for investment in sustainable energy.

“The government is prioritizing renewable energy, in line Vision 2030. The Energy Bill, that has been presented to Parliament, also includes the promotion of renewable energy and regulation of transmission charges with the aim of lowering electricity tariffs,” added Eng. Kiva.

Speaking during the forum, KAM Chief Executive, Ms. Phyllis Wakiaga noted that identifying more environmentally and socially sound development options is essential to meet Africa’s biggest challenges and to sustain development gains.

“The Association seeks to increase the manufacturing sector’s contribution to 15% by 2022, in line with the Government’s Big 4 Agenda, which has prioritized the manufacturing sector as the major contributor to the growth of our GDP. Kenya’s industry players today and in future will need competitive tariff rates, competitive trading environment and above all cleaner energy sources. Incentives in green energy sources are therefore very important in sustainable green growth,” added Ms. Wakiaga.

Kenya Power Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Ken Tarus recognized the efforts made in championing energy efficiency.

“The Company recognizes efforts made by KAM in championing energy efficiency initiatives among its members and we are keen on partnering in keeping costs low. We aim at providing least-cost energy to our industries by deferring non-effective commitments for intermittent renewable and introduce flexible generation in the mix,” added Dr. Tarus.

Speaking at the forum, Energy and Regulatory Commission Director General, Mr. Pavel Oimeke noted that the Commission is keen on sensitizing industry on green energy generation.

“Renewable technologies are now the most economical solution for new capacity in an increasing number of countries and regions. Rapid cost reductions in renewable power generation technologies means that up-to-date data is required to evaluate support policies for renewable, while a dynamic analysis of the costs of renewable is needed to decide on the level of support.

The Commission will continue sensitizing industry and the public at large on various regulations that are in place. We are working with partners such as KAM to sensitize industry on the need to promote and go green in our energy generation and use,” added Mr. Oimeke.

The Association has been at the forefront of promoting a green economy through such initiatives as energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management – PET plastic bottles and chemical wastes and Green financing.

KAM has partnered with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to implement sound chemicals and waste management initiatives that seek to protect human health and environment by managing the risks posed by production, use, importation and exportation of chemicals.

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