Greenpeace Africa Petitions Kenya’s Parliament to demand Safe Food for Kenyans

As the World is marking world food day, under the theme Our actions are our future. #ZeroHunger! a consortium of consumers and small scale farmers have today handed over a petition signed by over 1000 Kenyans to parliament and the Ministry of agriculture demanding safe food for all.

Nairobi 16th 2018 Speaking during the handing of the petitions Greenpeace Africa’s senior food for life campaign manager Renee Olende said that in the past few months there has been widespread violation of Kenyans rights to food “from the suspected sugar laced with mercury, lead to expired rice and to substandard cooking oils food safety and quality controls have been of concern to Kenyans ”Said Renee.

Adding that current agriculture system depends on use of vast amount of chemicals as well as fossil fuel which has predominately prevented Kenyans from defining agricultural food policies in line with sustainable development and food security objectives.
According to one small scale farmer who participated in the presentation of the petition, Mr.Samuel Wathome said that chemical free food is scarce in many outlets in the country leading to deprivation of consumer’s rights to safe food, which according to the petition should be of acceptable ecological conditions.

The main calling the petition addresses legislatures is to formulate laws supporting institutional research on benefits of ecological farming practices aimed at improving the farm ecosystem and specifically climate change mitigation.

The petition to ministry of agriculture also urges the government to ensure consumers have access to organic products which are chemical free, further to formulate regulations that will hold outlets accountable by ensuring consumers are given rights to choose by having clear labeled items for sale.

Worldwide events to mark this day is being observed in 130 countries, and the global ceremony at the FAO headquarters will be graced by King Letsie III OF Lesotho and Queen Letizia of Spain,FAO Special ambassadors for Nutrition, the speakers will include the Pope Francis, General,UN Secretary General , World Food Program Executive Director and FAO Executive Director.

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