Nairobi Hosts 20th Edition of Future Energy East Africa

Gathering in Nairobi from 12-13 September, Energy project developers and Investors meet with Utility companies and government energy regulatory bodies, to discuss access of energy and speed at which the East Africa region is achieving it.

“We’re not only celebrating 20th edition of energy expert gathering in East Africa region, but we are celebrating the key milestones in access to energy for all” said Claire O’Connel the Future Energy East Africa events director.
During the conference energy developers and investors in East Africa will be talking about the huge impact that mini grids and off grids power projects can be a catalyst for the energy catch up in the region.
Regional Inter-connectivity
As part of power expansion in the region and high demands, Kenya and Ethiopia have entered connectivity agreement between the two countries. The power expansion is being undertaken by L&T Construction a power and distribution company India’s Largest construction organization ranked among the top 30 in the world. The company is doing a 500KV/HUDC power line and the KV east mile project .
Reliable Power supply
Kenyans and indeed the entire east Africa region has undergone constant power supply as a result of unreliable and sub standard transformers. The 20th Future Energy Summit has addressed this by the participation of EUROGULF a leading transformers manufacturing company which is certified by the European Union testing lab standards.
Taking cognizance of the important role Energy Chief Executives play in the formulation of policy that harness energy access in East Africa. This is the thinking of having a high level chief executive meeting at the forum. “having a gathering of regional Utility CEOs in the energy sector providing a unique, safe space for discussion and debate the modern day challenges of their role in running African utilities in a fast developing market with high political expectations and low returns within aging or no infrastructure”
Among the CEOs attending the energy summit are Beck Awan Deng CEO South Sudan Electricity Corporation and Willy Kiryahika CEO Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited.

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