Kenya Wines Limited Launches Affordable Vodka drink to check unregulated Brands

Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) has today launched the

new look Kibao Vodka at a colourful event held at the Kenya National Museum in Nairobi. The launch comes at a time when KWAL is looking to cement its market share in the competitive vodka category.

“Kibao has been the popular drink of choice in the vodka category among Kenyan consumers for many years” noted Lina Githuka KWAL Commercial Director, she further added “we may have changed the bottle but we have maintained the same great taste and the same great price.”

Kibao Vodka is well known for its versatility which makes it the most popular vodka brand in the country when it comes to making cocktails. Kibao is made through distillation of potatoes has been in the market for the last 19 years. Kibao Vodka is one of KWAL’s flagship brands and is readily available in every corner of the country and this can be attributed to KWAL’s extensive distributor network.

“Last year we shifted gears in our distribution strategy by opening three new depots in a deliberate move to ensure that our products were easily available to our customers at their convenience, this year we are focusing on developing our brands in order to ensure that we are always top of mind when it comes to the consumer” Noted Christine Ethangatta KWAL Marketing Manager who was also present at the launch event “ the vodka category has become very competitive with new brands coming into the market every day and for us to remain at the top as we have always been we have decided to take things to a new level with the new look Kibao Vodka, our customers love it and we want them to continue with the same attitude towards the brand.”

The new look Kibao was launched through a campaign dubbed “Najitambua” which centres on the themes of authenticity, creativity and heritage. “The Kibao consumer is a hardworking Kenyan who consumes his drink after a hard day at work, he is true to himself and his authenticity. Hence we thought why not develop a campaign to reward this person and hence the “Najitambua” campaign was born”, said Geoffrey Oriku the Kibao Vodka Brand Manager. He further added “The new look Kibao, features a tamper proof cap in a sleek non-refillable bottle with metalized labels. The aesthetic has evolved to bring the bottle into a new era while maintaining Kibao’s renowned blend therefore maintaining the same taste. Most important to note is that the price still remains the same.”

Other KWAL brands include Kingfisher, Viceroy, County Brandy, Hunters Choice, Amarula, Cellar Cask, Savanna Cider and many more.


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